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Last August I had surgery to release my ulnar nerve at both my elbow and my wrist, the pain I had been experiencing vanished once I  was recovered.  6 Months following the surgery it was back.  I now have to have another surgery to physically move the ulnar nerve since it's rubbing against my bone, the dang thing won't stay in the bed that was made for it.  This is a highly successful surgery, but the only problem is that it requires money.  like most things.  I've got more debt on my hands with this upcoming surgery than I can handle.  I'm seeking support from friends, family, and networks I'm part off.  I understand the world doesn't owe me anything, but if anyone reading this is kind enough to share my page and help get the word out I would be forever grateful.  If you can donate and share even better!  Thank you to all my supporters who have helped me come this far in reaching my goal to become pain free, this surgery will allow me to return to sewing and drawing.  Something I desperately miss to do.

or you can visit my other page…

Whatever is donated to one will decrease the max donation in the other.  My appointments, surgery, and recovery will amount to about $5,000.  The two websites allow me to reach a wider demographic.  Please share!  Thank you again for taking your time to read my journal and my pages!
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July 24, 2016


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