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on August 27th I had surgery to release my ulnar nerve at both my elbow and my wrist as it was compressed, therefore causing the pain that made me stop doodling.  I'm still sore, and typing is a little hard, but thus far the recovery has been going well!  my roommates are freaking amazing and really helped me out when I couldn't even drive myself into town, or cook, or clean.  Recovery is going to take a little longer, and I can expect to be sore for a month or two as my nerve recovers from being compressed and irritated for so long, so here's to hoping this is exactly what I needed to get my wrist to stop hurting in the long run :) I've already got high hopes for the future.  Now two weeks post op its time to say goodbye to my stitches!  they come out today, and I can't WAIT to get these suckers out of the way!!
Its been a long time coming, but alas a long term solution for my wrist problems has finally been made!  Its sort of crunch time with everything going on, but come next week I'll be going into surgery to have my ulnar nerve released at both my elbow and wrist as that is what's causing the problem.  All other invasive options have failed, and though I'm not looking forward to the surgery and recovery itself, I am looking forward to the fact that this will solve my constant wrist pain, and allow me to get back to doing what I love and very much miss being able to do on a regular basis!  Drawing!  and in the future I plan to add some more things like plushies to my list of to does.  Maybe I'll actually be able to make scarves and hats this winter without hurting!!  That's what I'm happy about!  FINALLY!!
Hello again!  Busy as busy can be with school coming to a close and my internship coming up very quickly, in addition I've been working with my Dr. to figure out what's going on with my wrist, and this Thursday I'm scheduled for an EMG to test the nerve conductivity in my arm.  It should help find where it's entrapped, and how to approach the next step.  I was hoping just a shot to relive the inflammation and get it out of this viscous cycle that would be preventing it from healing, but that is not looking like a very promising option.  He's thinking we'll have to do surgery on it because my muscle in my hand is starting to atrophy, and not from lack of use, I really don't have much of a choice but to use it. I won't lie I'm a little scared to think about that, he said if it's been going on for long time there might already be some permanent damage.  I'm trying not to think about it too much, considering I've been putting up with this since 2008.  However I guess I got lucky (but not) a few weeks ago, I hurt my back (like 95% recovered now, it was really minor but hurt like a fucker) and the painkillers made me forget about my wrist pain and it felt good to draw again!  I haven't drawn so much for MONTHS!  I'll eventually upload those, probably still in sketch form because painkillers are gone, and as helpful as they were for the time being are not fun to take.  Yuck.
Anyhow updates will be coming in periodically, and any messages I'll have to postpone and answer later.  I'm slacking from studying for my final haha, I really need to not do that!
To anyone who follows me, thanks for sticking around!  I know I haven't been active, and I wish to be.  However I have some sort of good news, if you could call it that.  For those of you that know me or have read my previous entries you are probably aware of the issues I face with my dominant wrist/hand, its been a persistent problem for some time and is unfortunately getting worse, however that is exactly what made it easier for the Dr. to identify!  I now know whats causing the problem, the pain, and the lack of motion and strength!  Its not going to be better overnight, we're talking a few months at best to completely eradicate the issue, but its a start and its better than not knowing at all!
More MIA no surprise right?!  Anywhoo I had some picture I was planning on uploading and coloring digitally to smooth them out, but I didn't have time due to study so I could get back into school.  Good new is all that studying landed me with a more than passable score on my placement test!  YAY!!!  Now I find myself with a little more free time on my hands, and I'm back to working on some more doodles to upload!  I plan on finishing them up this week, and hopefully continue to stay strong on this motivated creativity streak!  ha even it is all just ponies right now, I find them much easier to draw than people.  Eventually I'll get back to people, but don't count on it for a little while longer.  I do what the inspiration tells me to do otherwise it all looks like poop :P
More quick updates!  I'm hoping to start submitting more art just for the sake of submitting it, I feel like its been ages since I've drawn anything up until today so I'm super super rusty.  For those of you that do follow me and have any interest in future submissions I have to say thank you :).  I also ask everyone who may get impatient to bear with me because my submissions may not be extremely frequent due to some complications I'm dealing with in my wrist/hand.  I've just grown tired of not being able to doodle for long periods of time so if I have to split it up in order to make it work I'll do it!  And if everything goes well hopefully those pains will become an issue of the past and then I can really put some elbow grease into drawing!  yay!!
Been a while but I've picked up the pencil again :) there's plenty of things I still need to upload, or REALLY work on.  Been struggling with some personal issues over the last 3 or so months therefore making it difficult to find any real motivation that lasted long enough to create something.  However thanks to my very creative roommates and getting the help I needed for those personal issues I'm finding reasons to doodle!  Woooootttt!!
And I have a current project!
"The Roommates Collection"
Here is to holding onto that dedication!!
So mass uploading...hehehe....I lost the USB drive with my artwork on it! *dies* Haven't found it yet, but when I do ya'll see some stuff on here at least (new old stuff whatevs).  But on a quick and much more fun note *drum roll please* I got a new doll in the mail!  Woot!  She's a Minifee Girl Karsh mod!  She's actually going to be filling the role of Roxy, a Character from a roommates story/role play Lets Pretend.  I've been lazy and slowly working on bits of short story about Roxy since she's a quirky one, might have those up some time and have more motivation now that I actually have her in doll form :).  I also need to upload her redo sketch since she changed from the one I uploaded forever ago.

Also Fannatiku Fest this weekend!  Going as Pinky Pie and Derpy (day one and day two) since its what I could afford, pretty pumped though!
Staying busy outside of Deviant, working, sleeping, working, sleeping, and OH MY more working!!  I love my job though despite the fact some days after I lay in bed for longer than I should; usually awake trying to go back to sleep.  Hooray insomnia!  Its a lovely thing sometimes ha...NOT.  Anyway I'm overdue for some uploads, yeah I still haven't been inspired to draw but I know I need to get back on it inspiration or not.  The only problem?  Actually drawing something half decent when I'm not inspired!  However I've noticed a major issue when I practice doodling for the sake of practice, not because I want to; I beat myself up over it hardcore and tend to become rather morose about it and scribble it out or rip it up and throw it in the trash.  Might be a while before it changes, but I'm trying to break myself of the habit without discouraging myself too much.

On a lighter note though Doll number 3 is in the mail right now!  She should be here within the next week!  So much excited!  I also will be uploading a few more pictures of my dolls tonight along with everything else :P.

So for now I guess that's all I have to say, if its of any interest of you or not ha - Peace out!
No uploads, no surprise :P.  I have a few things I'm working on, nothing fancy, but I'm taking my sweet sweet time with them.  Been practicing my doodles, kinda threw in the towel for a while what with lots of changes going on and picked up more on writing just because its something to do when I'm not in the mood to doodle.  My spurts of inspiration are coming more and more frequently so expect more things in the future :)
To everyone I hope you all enjoyed the holidays and that you're new year has gotten off to a good start :)
So Halloween is on its way and its coming up rather quick, and lets just say I'm PUMPED!  Anyone who's known me long enough will know Halloween is my Christmas and if I have a plan for a costume, decorations, party, whatnot, I take it and run!  This year however should be particularly interesting since thanks to random Google searches, browsing deviants, and inspiration from roommates, I'm making my own costume! Yay!  I'm excited to see how it turns out so I'll be crossing my fingers it turns out even fairly decent looking, first scary costume I've done.  Everything else has always been super last minuet and thrown together or (semi) elegant such as my Steampunk gown that I wore last year.
Anyway this year should be one for the books, stay tuned for some pictures of my progress and finished costume :P

Also I know I'm way behind on pictures, haven't drawn much but I'm trying to fix that ha.
So the last two weeks or so I haven't had much inspiration to draw and have been sticking to writing instead, but hey looks like that inspiration is back.  I was supposed to be working lower torso stuff such as legs and feet because that's a fail area of mine, and hands as well, but looks like my mind wants to do something a little different.  So pushing the lower torso stuff to the back of my mind for the time being I figure hey why not work on something I've always struggled with instead....drawing men.....
oh dear, well lets see how this goes haha.
Haven't been keeping my DA up to date, my reasoning = none.  Suppose I just felt like slacking off :).  Well now that its been a couple months since I've actually uploaded something its time to upload a good chunk of stuff I've doodled in my down time at work :).  Hope ya'll enjoy!
Well, it seems my draw one picture a day has failed but I've been quite busy so it is time to get back on track best I can.  Instead of one a week I'm going to try and pump out 3 a week, that will give me time to sketch and color on my computer without stressing me out too bad.  Wish me luck!